Wolf's Head Brand is World Renowned

Taiwan's small to medium companies are well known for the strong OEM/ODM capabilities but they have experienced difficulty in setting up their own global brands. Lih Yann is a leading manufacturer of auto lubrication products. Over the past years, they have achieved the impossible by establishing their own Wolf's Head brand and marketing their brand name products to over 50 countries. Through their steady and sustained effort, Lih Yann has built a leading brand that has earned loyalty throughout the industry.

First Vacuum Oil Extractor Amazes Industry

In 1976, Lih Yann developed the world's first oil extractor that used a suction to change automotive engine oil. This innovative product created the traditional way oil changing was done. The machine, which was tested by the Chinese Petroleum Corporation for seven years before introduction on the market, is formally used by gas stations here and abroad.

The oil extractor is different form the gear wheel pump type used in Japan and pneumatic suction type used in Europe. Our oil extractor uses a vacuum pump to extract the oil. The suction is so powerful not even a single drop of oil is left inside, stated General Manager Po-lin Lai. In addition, the vacuum pump is durable, doesn't break down easily and extends the lifespan of vehicles. Currently, our product is used at gas stations around the world, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, Toyota and Ford . some of our products have been sold for 25 years without a problem which is the strong proof of our product quality.

Strong Word of Mouth Advertising Powerful Hold on Market

Lih Yann has received over 200 patents and certifications. The company has developed over 1000 molds and its products are 90﹪self-made. With many innovative products in the development stage ready for introduction into the market, Lih Yann has established a powerful position in the market. Though its products do not come cheap, strong word of mouth advertising has allowed its products and earn recognition from professionals.

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